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EFAI 2 Factorial Assessment of Intellectual Aptitudes

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Evaluation of the main intellectual capacities.

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Author: P. Santamaría, D. Arribas, J. Pereña y N. Seisdedos

Language: Spanish 

Publisher: Tea Ediciones

Classification: b (Requires Accreditation)

Application: online and paper.

Age: 5th and 6th of Primary

Duration: approximately an hour.

EFAI is a reference application battery in the evaluation of intellectual aptitudes that allows evaluating people with different training in a very complete way and with a homogeneous approach.

It evaluates the ability to agilely solve problems of a very diverse type, maintain adequate intellectual flexibility and carry out logical deduction and induction processes.

It is made up of four batteries, each one aimed at a different age or training level, and made up of five tests:

- Spatial aptitude

- Numerical aptitude

- Abstract reasoning

- Verbal reasoning

- Memory.

It also offers scores in General Intelligence, Non-verbal Intelligence and Verbal Intelligence, as well as a series of indices of the subject's response style (speed / effectiveness).

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