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Simulation detection strategies
  • Simulation detection strategies

Simulation detection strategies

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Author: H. González Ordi / P. Santamría Fernández / P. Capilla Ramírez

Language: Spanish

Publisher: Tea Ediciones

       This multidisciplinary clinical manual presents the most recent and updated evidence on simulation detection of psychological and physical disorders. It brings together leading authors from the national and international field to present the main detection and evaluation strategies and techniques

       The different chapters that make up the book describe the theoretical and conceptual framework in which simulation is framed, the main evaluation and detection strategies and the keys, strategies and protocols for detection by pathologies, including exemplified real cases.

       Specific pathologies that are addressed include traumatic brain damage, anxiety, affective, somatoform, psychopathic, psychotic, adaptive and personality disorders, as well as cervical sprain, cervicalgia and low back pain, and fibromyalgia and syndrome chronic fatigue.

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