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Psychology of Personnel Selection
  • Psychology of Personnel Selection

Psychology of Personnel Selection

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Author: Tomás Chamorro-Premuzic / Adrian Furnham

Language: Spanish

Publisher: Tea Ediciones

       In this suggestive and interesting book the authors present the main existing techniques, theories, investigations and debates around the problem of personnel selection.

       Its objective is to help students and professionals to recognize the primary indicators of professional and work performance and the most appropriate measurement instruments for each of these indicators.

       Carrying out an exhaustive, critical and current study of the constructs that we usually use when evaluating people (Intelligence, Personality, Creativity, Leadership, Talent), striving to determine to what extent each of them contributes to predicting the differences in the performance of individuals. In dealing with typical personnel selection issues such as interviewing, references, biographical data, assessment tests, and academic performance, this book sparks a lively debate about the theories behind the use of these techniques and about the usefulness and validity tests that support them.

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