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BFQ. Questionnaire "Big Five"

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       Evaluation of the dimensions of the 'Big Five' model in the structure of the personality: energy, affability, tenacity, mental openness and emotional stability.

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Author: G. V. Caprara, C. Barbaranelli and L. Borgogni Adapters: J. Bermúdez.

Language: Spanish

Publisher: Tea Ediciones

Classification: (a) (Requires Accreditation) "See more in Deontological Standards".

Application: individual or collective

Age: 16 years and up

Duration: approximately 30 minutes  

       The "Big Five" Questionnaire consists of 132 multiple response elements (Likert type) that measure the following dimensions:

  • Energy, inherent in a confident and enthusiastic vision of multiple aspects of life, mainly interpersonal.
  • Friendliness, selfless concern and emotional support for others.
  • Toughness, typical of persistent, scrupulous and responsible behavior.
  • Emotional stability, a broad spectrum trait, with characteristics such as ability to cope with the negative effects of anxiety, depression, irritability or frustration.
  • Mental openness, especially of an intellectual nature before new ideas, values, feelings and interests.

       It includes a Distortion scale, the elaboration of which has been very careful and which is very useful for detecting possible attempts to give a false image, good or bad, by the subject.

       The BFQ is especially indicated in the field of organizations, where the dimensions evaluated have great applicability and are related to the usual activities of working life.

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