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       We Editorial Buenas Noticias 78, C.A. RIF-J-29349956-9, we sell specialized products and services on the Internet, with the commercial name:, we express our Terms and Conditions, below.

       In accordance with the aforementioned, we make the following clarification: "no official, employee, director or agent thereof, guarantees or endorses in any way the intellectual or material work whatsoever, nor are they responsible, sponsored or responsible for any of them".

       In the publications category: Articles, texts, and research, express exclusively the point of view of the author who signs them and may not represent the point of view of

       All the information presented on this site is obtained by sources that are considered adequate and reliable, it tries to corroborate said information, as well as we recognize, the user must be aware of the possible existence of mistakes human, technical, mechanical or other factors, despite the rigorous revision of the same. By virtue of the foregoing, it will not be responsible for errors or omissions, either from this or from the sources of information used.

       All the content of must be interpreted for guidance purposes, the information provided is not intended in any case to replace the consultation, diagnosis, recommendation or follow-up established by qualified professionals (Psychologists, Speech Therapists, Psychopedagogue, Occupational Therapists, Neurologists, Psychiatrists, among others). So the user expressly waives to sue both civil and criminal or of any other nature that may arise.

Personal Data Protection.

       Through this notice Editorial Buenas Noticias 78, C.A. RIF-J-29349956-9 (hereinafter informs users of this website about its Personal Data Protection Policy, in order for them to freely and voluntarily decide if they wish to provide with the personal data that may be requested, through their forms. reserves the right to modify its Data Protection Policy according to its criteria, or because of a change in legislation, jurisprudence or business practice.

       Such modifications will be published on this website, providing with the necessary resources for the user to access their reading. In any case, the relationship with users will be governed by the rules established at the precise moment in which the page is accessed.

Responsible for the Treatment

       The personal data that you provide us through the different forms included in this website will be subject to automated treatment and will be incorporated into a Registry of Treatment Activities, the person in charge of which is the company Editorial Buenas Noticias 78, CA Compañía Anónima Venezolana, owner of the website

Purpose of data collection

       The purpose of data collection and processing is the management, control, prevention and maintenance of the service to be provided, and therefore, will depend on the way you enter it.

Contact form (Contact us) - The information requested allows to answer doubts / complaints / comments / Report Payments / Credentials, as well as any other query.

User registration / Surcriptions. - The information requested allows you to access the services of our website, make purchases and receive information about our products or services.

Purchase form - The requested information allows to manage, invoice and send the order. The data entered by this form can be transferred to third parties (courier companies) in order to deliver the order.

Recipients of the information and cession of data.

       The data you provide us are only for our company and will not be disclosed to any company or person, without your prior consent.

       Only in the case of purchases, the data (name, address, e-mail and / telephone) will be transferred to third parties, courier companies, in order to be able to deliver the order.

Mandatory or optional nature of your responses and consequences of obtaining the data or refusal to supply them.

       The fields of the forms are mandatory, and they are considered necessary to provide the requested service, so that, if you do not fill in all the necessary fields, will not be able to provide the user with the specific service offered.

Period of Conservation of Personal Data. will keep the personal data provided while the contractual relationship with the user is maintained and during the period of legal conservation obligation.

       Likewise, any doubt, question or comment about this Policy, you can let us know, by directing your communication in this regard, to our customer service email: 

Terms of sale

       These general contracting conditions will apply to all commercial transactions carried out by Editorial Buenas Noticias 78, C.A. (hereinafter through the domain

    1. Identification

       Editorial Buenas Noticias 78, C.A. is a company incorporated under Venezuelan law registered in the Second Mercantile Registry, in Valencia, Edo. Carabobo. In Volume 98-A, number 67, with the Tax Information Registration Number RIF J-29349956-9.

    2. Activity is dedicated to distance selling, preferably online, of assessment tools and psychological intervention, books in any of their supports, Educational, Scientific, Didactic or Recreational Material.

    3. Contents and Information supplied. reserves the right to modify products, prices, promotions and other commercial and service conditions at any time. makes every effort to offer the truthful information and without typographical errors, but in the event that any occurs, at all times beyond our control, it would be immediately corrected, as long as it is a product edited by us.

       Third party products are with the manufacturer or publisher thereof.

       The contents of may, at times, show provisional information about some products, in the event that this information does not correspond to the characteristics of the product, the customer will have the right to cancel their purchase without any cost on their part. The images of the products shown are indicative and the final product may vary in color, presentation, etc. is not directly or indirectly responsible for any of the information, content, statements and expressions contained in the products marketed. Said responsibility falls at all times on the publishers or distributors of said products. The client understands that is a mere intermediary between him and said publisher or distributor.

    4. Currency and applicable taxes.

       The currency used in our store is BOLÍVARES and any other currency is for guidance purposes ONLY.

       Unless otherwise indicated, the prices of the products expressed in BOLÍVARES include the Value Added Tax (VAT), it will be included at the time of purchase and you can see it in the summary thereof. The applicable VAT rate will be that which is legally in force at any given time, depending on the specific article in question. 

       The prices shown do not include international taxes, the customer must pay this tax, as well as the customs expenses generated in the destination country. Therefore, customs taxes and customs expenses of the destination country will be borne by the buyer.

    5. Way to pay.

       Depending on the country of payment, the forms of payment will be displayed, and the customer can freely choose.

       - Credit / Debit Card.

       - Wire transfer. can reserve the right to ask the client for a specific form of payment, if they so consider.

    6. Shipping way.

       The client must take into account that delivery times, quality of service and cost may be different. The delivery times are approximate, and may vary depending on each order and due to extraordinary incidents of the carrier and delivery difficulties.

    7. Buyer's rights and return policy. does not guarantee the availability or the delivery time of the products that are on request. The catalog shown is merely indicative since the publishers of the announced books do not communicate the stocks in advance or guarantee delivery times for the books they publish. This situation prevents the possibility of accurately informing its customers about their availability as well as guaranteeing a specific delivery time.

       The customer will not be able to return digital items (music, software, stock files).

       You can return products that you have bought in as long as the products are not open or used and keep their original seal or packaging. In these cases, reimburses the purchase amount (Except Shipping, Bank Fees or Paypal).

       Test returns will only be accepted in the event that, there is an error on the part of in the supply of the requested material and that it occurs within a period not exceeding 14 days from receipt of the order.

       If a product other than the one requested by the client were delivered by mistake of, it will be withdrawn and the correct product will be delivered without any additional charge to the buyer.

       For any incident related to the items in our store you can contact through e-mail: or by phone: 0424-474.68.52 / 0241-514.17.07.

    8. Obligations of the Client.

       The client agrees at all times to provide truthful information about the data requested in the user registration or order fulfillment forms, and to keep them updated at all times.

       The client promises to accept all the provisions and conditions contained in these General Contracting Conditions, understanding that they include the best possible service will for the type of activity that carries out.


    9. Security and Confidentiality. guarantees security and confidentiality in all its communications with its clients. All credit card payment operations are carried out through a secure server, based on the SSL standard that protects data against attempted violations by third parties and through a payment gateway. guarantees the protection and confidentiality of personal, domiciliary, payment and any other data that our clients provide us.

    10. Sale of psychological tests.

       For the sale of some psychological tests, the accreditation of a certain level of studies or university degree will be necessary. In these cases we will contact the buyer to request it, with the publisher of the test having the last word on the suitability or validity of the accreditation.

    11. Applicable legislation.

       The (Purchase - Sales) made with are subject to Venezuelan law.

       In case of any conflict or discrepancy the applicable jurisdiction will be that of the Courts or Tribunals of Valencia - Edo. Carabobo (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela).

Legal Notice

       By virtue of the fulfillment of the Services available in Venezuela in relation to the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, we inform you:

       The "website" can only be used for legal purposes, therefore the user undertakes to make a lawful and honest use of the portal and in accordance with these general conditions of use, not to use the services of the "website" for the performance of activities contrary to Venezuelan legislation, morality and public order, assuming the user all responsibility for damages and perjucy against the owner of the domain or third parties that may arise from illegal or not permitted practices among others and by way of example and not limitation:

    1. Perform without prior consent by the domain owner any manipulation or alteration of this page, the owner of the domain assumes no responsibility that may be derived, of said manipulation or alteration by third parties.

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    13. The user undertakes not to carry out any act against the author's intellectual or industrial property rights.

    14. The provider expressly authorizes third parties to redirect directly to the specific contents of the website, and in any case must redirect to the provider's main website.