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       The standards of the "American Psychological Association" classify the psychological assessment instruments into three levels that determine the acquisition of these tests according to the training and qualification the professional.

Classification of Tests:

(a): Training and experience in the specific field of application.

(b): Knowledge about the theory of tests and statistical methods, guaranteed by the corresponding academic degree.

(c): Higher qualification in Psychology, Psychiatry or Psychopedagogy.


       Therefore, all professionals must provide the following credentials:

    • Black title background.

    • Identity card.

    • Membership card.

    • Work card (companies or institutions).


        If the purchase is made by a company or institution, the professional in charge of applying or interpreting the tests must provide the credentials.

       The students, who are in the last year of the Psychology Degree, must provide the credentials of the tutor or professor responsible for the subject.

Important note:

       If you do not meet these requirements, the tests will NOT be sold under any circumstances.

       These restrictions are to ensure a good use of this material.

       We also ask for your collaboration in maintaining these criteria, preventing the dissemination of evidence among people without adequate preparation and avoiding any unauthorized reproduction of them.

       In the description of the Psychological Assessment Instruments on our website, the classification is specified.