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  • 1.- Register and Login.

    • To register on our site, you will need to enter a valid email account and assign a password so that you can log in. 

    • With your user session started, you can add any of the published products.

2.- Select the product and send to the cart.

    • Choose the product and click "Add to cart".

    • If you want to continue adding more products, click on "Continue Shopping".

    • If your purchase is ready and you do not want to add anything else, we click on "Proceed to Checkout".

    • A summary of the purchase will appear, we verify the products. There we can eliminate or continue buying. If we are satisfied with our selection, we mark "Proceed to Checkout".

3.- Verify your billing and shipping address.

    • Check your billing and shipping address, if we want to add another address different from the billing address, in this section we can do it, if the addresses are correct we click "Continue".

    • We select the shipping method, currently it is only by the company Zoom. We deliver your purchase to Zoom in 48hrs.

    • If you want to add any comments or additional information to your shipping address, you can do so, you will find a box for that purpose, being satisfied with our description we click on "Continue".


4.- Select your payment method.

    • We can change the currency that we are going to use in our form of payment, selecting it at the top of the page.

    • We select our payment method, we have two ways, by bank transfer to the company's account in Bolívares or in dollars by Paypal.

Payment with bolivars

    • Select "Pay by bank wire" and then select "I agree to the terms and services".

    • Check "Order with Payment Obligation" (the product will be sent when you report your purchase).

Payment with dollars

    • Select "Payment by Paypal" follow the instructions that the paypal platform will give you.

5.- Finish your purchase.

    • Upon completion of your purchase, with either of the two forms of payment, you will receive an email indicating your purchase order and your digital invoice, remember that with your product the original invoice of your purchase will be delivered.

Payment Report

After making your payment, you must report it in the "Contact us" section.

    • Select in the subject "Payment Report".

    • Write your email address.

    • Select the purchase reference.

    • Attach the payment receipt in image or pdf format.

    • Write a message if you want.

    • Check the Captcha.

    • Check the submit button.

You can purchase any of our products, however the psychological evaluation instruments, the sale is exclusively for professionals in the area, "See more in Deontological Standards".

"The psychological assessment instruments will not be sent until the credentials are received, thank you for your understanding."