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       LaPsicotienda.Com, was born as a result of the concern to meet the growing need of Venezuelan professionals to acquire assessment instruments and psychotherapeutic resources in the country.

      As a response to this need since 2006, we, Editorial Buenas Noticias 78 C.A., RIF J-29349956-9, with fiscal domicile in Valencia - Venezuela. We carry out editorial intermediations with important and prominent companies in the sector. In different Spanish-speaking countries, to import Venezuela, the necessary resources to provide the opportunity, that professionals in the area will have the tools for their evaluations and interventions.

     LaPsicoTienda.Com, as the youngest business unit of our company, It has remained, despite the typical difficulties of the crisis that we all experience in the world. And it continues to offer innovative products and services that provide our customers with the best quality and care.

     Currently, always reflective, we continue to listen to our clients, looking for new and interesting products that revolutionize the way of the Venezuelan professional.

      We are at your entire disposal and we invite you to contact us through our different information channels. For this we have placed a direct contact button via chat on WhatsApp, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

    We remind you that our telephone service numbers are: 0241-514.17.07 / 0424-474.68.52, and our email address for customer service is:

       Thank you for trusting in our products and services.


Lic. Xiomara Rodriguez

Manager of New Editorial Products.