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CAQ, Clinical Analysis Questionnaire

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Author: S. E. Krug

Language: Spanish 

Publisher: Tea Ediciones

Classification: b (Requires Accreditation) "See more in Deontological Standards".

Application: Individual

Age: adolescents and adults.

Duration: variable, between 30 and 45 minutes.

       The CAQ consists of 144 items with 3 response alternatives each. Each element was carefully selected based on its validity, clarity and offensive potential content (political and religious attitudes). The questions were distributed cyclically, to present a varied content, maintain interest and avoid sensitization effects.

       Evaluates 12 scales: Hypochondria, Suicidal depression, Agitation, Anxious depression, Low-energy depression, Guilt-resentment, Apathy-withdrawal, Paranoia, Psychopathic deviation, Schizophrenia, Psychasthenia and Psychological maladjustment.

       The casuistry of the profiles in practice will be very diverse, and for their interpretation, it is normally preferable to first look at the profile as a whole and then descend in the analysis to each and every one of the scales that are involved in the interpretation of the set.

       The reference groups on which the scales have been drawn up are general and normal, not clinical. Scales of clinical cases are also included.

       Very useful in selective processes where psychopathology must be ruled out.

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